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Retina Burn launches Production & Marketing Course

Video for Business

Retina Burn founder, Ryan Stone, has launched Video for Businessan online course designed to teach students the fundamentals of video production and video marketing. The course which includes 94 lectures and over 7 hours of experiential, interactive and visual content aims to help students new to the field of video production or video marketing to get a full overview of the process – from scripting and storyboarding to grappling with the analytics of various platforms to measure success. Here’s a taster of what the course offers…


The course was launched at the end of January and has already attracted over 300 students thanks to the active and passionate user base on the course’s digital home, Udemy. It’s early days yet but Ryan has plans to continually roll out updates and new modules to the course as the video marketing landscape continues to evolve.

If you’re interested in learning more then you’re in luck, Retina Burn readers get a unique, $100 discount code for the Video for Business course. Just follow this link to have the discount automatically applied.

The course is based on over 5 years experience as Creative Director of Lambda Films, a video production company in Norwich, UK.

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