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In The House

In The House Movie Review

In The House is a great film betrayed by its trailer. In an attempt to convey a more conventional and safe narrative, the trailer twists the plot out of shape with misleading edits, seemingly unable to articulate the bold yet complex story of the film. In The House should be ... Read More »


Bullhead, the dark and unsettling directorial debut from Michaël R. Roskam simmers with a vicious intensity, eerily reminiscent of early Scorsese, and receiving only a cursory nod at the Academy Awards, Bullhead serves as a reminder as to just how gutless its cinematic contemporaries are. A sweeping generalisation of course, but the uncomfortable juxtaposition between the ... Read More »

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph Movie Review

  Wreck-It Ralph was going to be the film to allow me to regress to my childhood. Seriously, there was almost Pick n’ Mix. I honestly can’t recall the last time I anticipated a film with such a childish excitement, and for a few moments it looked like Wreck-It Ralph ... Read More »

House of Cards

House of Cards Review

  [No Spoilers] Netflix has come out guns blazing with House of Cards, their second original production to launch on the popular online streaming platform. With 4 or 5 further original productions already on the slate for 2013, Netflix is taking the fight to cable giants and and the traditional ... Read More »


Hitchcock Movie Review

Hitchcock, the biopic of the legendary director, tears a chapter from cinema history and explores the tumultuous life of the man during the production of his seminal movie, Psycho but unintentionally, Hitchcock adopts the fragmented nature of the fictional Norman Bates, attempting to reconcile two personalities with limited success. Staggering under the ... Read More »