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TED | Review

  TED, the debut live action feature from Seth MacFarlane is a shocking, but incredibly funny movie that finally signals an evolution of MacFarlane’s brand of domestic comedy after a slow, lingering decline and eventual stagnation in the animated sphere. In essence, TED is a quirky, modern rethinking of a popular fairytale ... Read More »

The Hunter | Review

The Hunter Movie Review

Daniel Nettheim’s The Hunter is a film that is stripped back to its raw and primal essence, an unashamedly bleak and existential affair that draws the audience through an emotional wringer. With its simple, explanatory title, the movie delivers exactly what it promises; a narrative solely revolving around a hunt. ... Read More »

The Amazing Spider-Man | Review

It’s hard to write objectively of a film, when deep down, you were against the production from the start. This isn’t a swipe at the ridiculous argument that Hollywood has run out of ideas and and has turned to remakes bla bla bla, instead my problem hinges on the semantics with ... Read More »

Killer Joe Review

Killer Joe, William Friedkin’s dark & savage return to the macabre is as unapologetically explicit and direct as its title. It’s a familiar story of greed, money and murder, but Friedkin’s direction of Tracy Lett’s source material fully realises and translates the unrelenting depravity in to a powerful visual performance. At its ... Read More »