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Snow White & The Huntsman Review

snow white and the huntsman

Snow White & The Huntsman is a fantastically dark reboot of the Grimm classic that does for the fairytale genre what the Dark Knight trilogy has done for comic adaptations. In an impressive debut, first-time director Rupert Sanders has created a strikingly visual film with some amazingly standout scenes, but perhaps ... Read More »

Prometheus Review

It’s been a long wait for Prometheus this year as we’ve fidgeted restlessly, riding out the ever-swelling hype, the incredible trailers and creative viral marketing campaigns, but now Ridley Scott’s return to the sci-fi genre has come in to land and it better be worth the wait. For some, that ... Read More »

This Must Be The Place | Review

This Must Be The Place Movie Review

This Must Be The Place is the first English-language film from director Paolo Sorrentino (Il Divo, The Consequences of Love), and perhaps because of this International transition, it is a weirdly disjointed and confused affair. This Must Be The Place attempts to follow in the footsteps of the quirky, rite of passage films ... Read More »

Delicacy | Review

Delicacy Movie Review

At first glance Delicacy appears to be just the latest in the whimsical French romcom canon, difficult to differentiate between previous Tautou vehicles, Amélie and Beautiful Lies. In short, it is not. The trailer that I have begrudgingly pinned to the top of the post is a revolting parody of the ... Read More »