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Midnight in Paris (2011) | Review

Midnight in Paris Movie Review

The trailer for Woody Allen’s latest film, Midnight in Paris has to be one of the most coy and understated trailers I’ve ever seen. The clips used give no indication as to the plot of the film and it makes me hesitant to commit a review to the web, it ... Read More »

The Three Musketeers (2011) | Review

The Three Musketeers Movie Review

The Three Musketeers, from Director Paul W.S Anderson, was my choice for the ‘big, stupid movie of the week’, and it admirably lived up to to that label. I’m always reluctant to watch the grand, Hollywood adaptations of literary classics as, like many others who have enjoyed the stories, I ... Read More »

The Lion King 3D (2011) | Review

The Lion King 3D movie review

There are few occasions in life when the phrase ‘feel like a child again’ really applies, but thankfully, it looks like we’ll have those opportunities much more over the next few years as Disney plans to re-release some of their seminal classics, married with the latest 3D technology. Now, how ... Read More »

Drive (2011) | Review

Drive Movie Review

Drive. Quite honestly, a film unlike any other and definitely a contender for my favourite film of the year. Let's start by saying it's a cool film, a very cool film but not through its association with the popular, but adversely for its position outside the mainstream with its finger raised at common and tired conventions. This is no Fast & The Furious (a fact that has upset many cinema-goers), this is a stunning cinematic achievement from director, Nicholas Winding Refn. Read More »