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Samsung “King of TV City”

Dinosaurs, Alien Invaders and a sentient teddybear on a tricycle all come together for the new Samsung SMART TV advert, King of TV City. While the production values are astounding, the premise is beginning to wear a little thin as streaming platforms, 3D channels and Blu-ray players are clambering over themselves to tell you how ‘lifelike’ and experiential their services are. I can tell you from experience that none of the above technologies have ever elevated my tea-stained and crumb-laden sofa to anything resembling an intergalactic dogfight.

Samsung however have added a little narrative to their video marketing production though, calling King of TV City a short film rather than a commercial. Commercial direction aside however, the technical and visual achievements are stunning. Directed by Stink’s Adam Berg and partnering with Chi & Partners, the video marketing spot is a massive step-up from the competition in terms of production values, but only slightly restricted by the lack of innovation in the concept. I really don’t mean to belittle the creative talent behind King of TV City, they obviously thought “we can do better” and have, in spades! However I would hope to see something more radical coming from Samsung to match their technology.

Let us know what you think of King of TV City, and whether Samsung should have embraced a more revolutionary concept or does the spectacular visuals and effects win out the day? 

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