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Shelby.tv | Democratising the future of video

Shelby.tv is a video platform that aims to recreate the lean-back experience of TV, collating content from your favourite brands, online channels or websites. It also allows regular users to create their own channels, or “Rolls” that can be populated with video content relevant to your industry, interests or online video marketing efforts.
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It’s been an interesting couple of years for Shelby.tv who decided to shut down their first iteration of their product last July, pulling all online presence and mobile app content. However, months later they returned with a new round of funding and a stronger vision for the future of the platform. We talk to Shelby.tv CEO Reece Pacheco (@reece) to find out where the innovative startup is heading now.



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In a sentence, how does Shelby.tv offer something new for users?

Shelby.tv gives you a personalized video channel for you to kick back and enjoy on web and iPad.


Viewers have been conditioned, by the likes of YouTube, to graze on video rather than engage a lean-back mentality. How is Shelby.tv trying to encourage lean-back behaviour?

We know that when you want to watch video, it’s time to lean-back and let go of the mouse. Hunting and pecking for video is so far from what we’re used to with TV. So, Shelby.tv seamlessly plays you one video after another. It makes for a really elegant viewing experience.


Can you tell us about your flagship channels on Shelby.tv?

The #Channels we’re currently featuring on Shelby.tv are really just a showcase of our personal taste in video. We all love to #Learn. I love #Adrenaline. My cofounder Dan came up with the concept #ThisExists. They’re not meant for anyone, but that’s the beauty of our current private beta – we can play with different channels as we see fit. Eventually though, the greater Shelby community will be driving these by creating their own hashtags and interacting with great video for all to see.


What is Shelby.tv/Experience?

Shelby.tv/experience is a proof of concept around lean-back viewing. Simply plug in a URL that features (static) embedded videos or links and Shelby  will pull them all into a lean-back channel. For instance, if you want to see all of the Hulu videos shared on Reddit, enter this URL http://www.reddit.com/domain/hulu.com into Shelby.tv/experience and boom – you’re watching a channel of it.


Shelby.tv Experience


Why are goats good for transmitting video?

Haha… I just have to say that my teammate – Henry Sztul – predicted the goats trend in early 2012. He kept saying “Goats will be the cats of 2013.”


Can you divulge anything interesting about the technology behind Shelby.tv?

It’s rock solid. With a cofounder/CTO like Dan Spinosa, you’re guaranteed innovative, creative solutions, backed by the performance to deliver across massive scaling. It’s pretty fun to see what we can do now that we have such great infrastructure and over 25 million of the best videos on the web in our database.


Finally, as TV and online video continue to converge, how will Shelby.tv make sure it remains a frontrunner?

Shelby.tv is all about delivering you a personalized channel of video. If that means “TV” content, then we need to continue to add new video players to our roster of content sources and understand how best to play them back for our viewers.


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We wish Reece and the team at Shelby.tv  the best of luck for 2013, and we hope you’ll join them on the platform and start creating your own channels. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve used Shelby.tv and what you think of it!

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