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Star Wars Detours

Just when you thought the bloated Star Wars universe couldn’t get any weirder, or wackier…(is that still a word?), a collaborative project between Seth Green, the Robot Chicken Team & George Lucas has birthed Star Wars Detours, a new, animated comedy show. The new show is essentially the daily lives of the Star Wars characters “between the wars”, thereby creating a sort of weird, comedy soap-opera hybrid. While for some, this may be an outrage, it must be remembered that the Robot Chicken team are avid fans of the films, and creator Seth Green has gone so far as to explain, “None of this is making fun of Star Wars, but more just thinking about what the Star Wars version of life is like!”.

I’ve always been a big supporter of the Star Wars parodies, being no major fan of the movies, and while I applaud the works of Seth MacFarlane and his Family Guy renditions, I’ve always preferred Seth Green’s Robot Chicken style of humour and so I had high hopes. However, with George Lucas’ blessing behind the project, the show has pulled in a wide variety of writing talent to create something quite different; writers from Family Guy, Buffy, The Simpsons, LEGO Star Wars, Venture Bros, Spongebob, Pinky & the Brain are all involved, and lending their particular styles to the mix. Perhaps because of this, the trailer seems packed with less of the sharp and witty humour of Robot Chicken and instead recalls the brand of comedy from Family Guy, booting out subtlety for overt visual gags that appeal to a younger audience.

I’m sure this will split loyalties, so let us know what you think about this new Star Wars offering… comment below!




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