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Move On – The Full Movie

Move on

A T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) ident is perhaps the last thing you’d expect during the opening credits of Move On, a full-length feature film, but then again, Move On is not your average flick. Instead, this feature film is the end result of an ambitious undertaking by telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom to go beyond the short ... Read More »

Monster Roll

Monster Roll by Dan Blank is a supremely awesome concept-trailer for a short film that pits a band of Sushi chefs against sea monsters. It’s one of those annoyingly brilliant ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ concepts, although as a big monster-movie fan…maybe that’s just me. With the hope of launching a Kickstarter ... Read More »

Looper Animated Trailer

Apologies for the ever spiralling delay in posts here on Retina Burn, the blog is currently undergoing a full redesign and I’m in the finicky place where I’m gearing up for the relaunch and spending more time on the new material than current updates. Foolish indeed. Anyway, here is some new eye ... Read More »

TED | Review

  TED, the debut live action feature from Seth MacFarlane is a shocking, but incredibly funny movie that finally signals an evolution of MacFarlane’s brand of domestic comedy after a slow, lingering decline and eventual stagnation in the animated sphere. In essence, TED is a quirky, modern rethinking of a popular fairytale ... Read More »

Batman | Dark Knightfall

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks have created Batman, Dark Knightfall a simply awe-inspiring stop-motion Batman fan film, heavily based on the Dark Knight franchise made popular by Christopher Nolan’s recent movies. Kwok & Wong state that this is their first stop-motion animation, but have employed such creative and advanced techniques ... Read More »