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LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

LEGO Shell Greenpeace viral video

Greenpeace have subverted the innocent, playful nature of everyone’s favourite building blocks to raise awareness of the commercial relationship that resides between LEGO and Shell. Since 2012, 16m Shell-branded Lego sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 33 countries, making Shell a major contributor to Lego’s global sales ... Read More »

The LEGO Story

This beautiful, informative animation, entitled The LEGO Story, was produced to celebrate the 80th birthday of the LEGO business. The film, running to 17 minutes in length, takes the viewer on a journey through the company’s history, its trials and tribulations and eventually to the birth and continued success of ... Read More »

The Millennium Falcon. In Lego.

Lego Millenium Falcon Video

In all honesty, I’m staggered. This is a ridiculously awesome feat of perseverance, determination and sublime geekery and on behalf of the internets, we thank you. The master craftsman behind this production is Francisco Prieto, and whilst there is a multitude of similar (albeit live-action) videos of the special edition Millennium Falcon being constructed, Prieto has gone ... Read More »

Bricks of War – (Lego stop-motion)

Bricks of War Lego Stop Motion Short Film

Lego and stop-motion go hand in hand, and always with great results. This is a particularly epic and well constructed stop-motion animation along the lines of the Gears of War video game. Whether or not you’ve played GoW, you can appreciate the time and effort that’s gone in to the ... Read More »