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Booka Shade | Crossing Borders

Booka Shade Crossing Borders Music Video

Drones are bloody great aren’t they? We’ve seen some impressive footage from the use of these high-flying cameras but nothing quite compared to the creativity and beauty of the Booka Shade’s latest music video for their track, Crossing Borders. Utilising the skills of drone cinematographers Octofilms, a drone was kitted out ... Read More »

Shugo Tokumaru | Katachi

Shugo Tokumaru Katachi

It’s with great pleasure that we feature this video from Japanese artist Shugo Tokumaru (トクマルシューゴ) and his track Katachi. Of course, we’re all about finding the best and most creative video productions on the web, and this has to be one of the most amazing music videos that we’ve ever seen. Awe-inspiringly ... Read More »

Mike Diva | BFD Music Video

Mike Diva BFD

YouTuber Mike Diva has lent his impressive mind-melting editing talents to many of the big-time YouTube stars, but on his own channel you can be sure of consistent epilepsy-inducing VFX experiences. While Diva’s content pendulums between shorts, sketches and music videos it is the latter that really exemplifies his indefatigable skills in post-production. BFD, a hardcore ... Read More »

Nosaj Thing | Eclipse/Blue Music Video

Nosaj Thing

This stunning combination of live-performance, synchronised with real-time animation and projection mapping is a visual feast, perfectly suited to the haunting an ethereal melodies of Nosaj Thing. The video produced by Daito Manabe, takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO is part of a series of unique and wonderful artistic projects that have the backing and support of the ... Read More »

Dumb Ways to Die – Metro Trains

dumb ways to die

Bucking the trend of dull or horrific transport safety ads, Metro Trains’ Dumb Ways to Die coats its grave warning in a gooey and catchy melody, adorned with cute cartoon characters and beautifully simplistic animation. This unlikely combination, combined with its gruesome subject matter has caused the Melbourne-produced video to go viral, attracting almost 8 million ... Read More »