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Playstation | For The Players Since 1995

Playstation 4 For the players since 1995

Following on from their very awesome Perfect Day commercial, Playstation have delivered a second visual treat with For The Players Since 1995, a seamlessly executed retrospective of nearly two decades of the Playstation console, the games and most importantly, the players. Playstation have always remembered the gamers who  helped them weather ... Read More »

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Remember the awesome Playstation online video Michael? (Fun fact: It was the first ever post on this blog) Well, Playstation have repurposed that universe to promote their upcoming multi-brand battle royale, Playstation All-Stars. The game which is a the Playstation’s answer to Nintendo’s highly addictive Super Smash Bros allows you to ... Read More »

Game on: GTA, Skyrim & Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3

It’s been a little quiet on the viral video front the last few days, in terms creative content anyway. However, the big winners that have been taking over the charts  have been the promo videos for some of the hottest game releases this year. Grand Theft Auto is one of ... Read More »