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R´ha sci-fi short film

r'ha sci-fi short film

R´ha is a short, sci-fi film from Kaleb Lechowski, a 22 year old German film student who has created nothing short of a VFX masterpiece, on zero budget. It’s evident that the next generation of filmmakers will come from YouTube and Vimeo and whose small-scale experiments find an appreciative audience online. ... Read More »

Stanley Pickle

Stanley Pickle Short Film

Stanley Pickle is the wonderfully sublime and eagerly anticipated graduation film from Vicky Mather. The film itself was released on to the International Short Film circuit back in 2010, scooping up an unprecedented 33 awards, but has only just made it online for all to enjoy. Better late than never! Furthermore, the ... Read More »

Tempo | Red Giant

Red Giant Tempo

Red Giant, the developer of awesome VFX plug-ins such as Magic Bullet and the Trapcode suite have ably demonstrated the immense power of their effects tools through professionally produced short films. First, there was the astoundingly good, Plot Device that was released last year, followed up by the lighter Order Up and now, ... Read More »

The Sphere

The Sphere short film by Nicholas Militello

The Sphere, directed by Nicholas Militello is a massive achievement in the world of short-film production. Taking over two years to complete, shot on Canon DSLR kit and working with a budget of 13k, The Sphere is the result of massive collaboration with various artists around the world, adhering to the concise vision of ... Read More »

Requiem 2019

Requiem 2019

Requiem 2019 is a collaborative short film from director Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd, the innovative music video director. The haunting film was produced as part of Danish Filmlab Aarhus called Aarhus Stories 2011, where musicians meets film directors, and together re-interpret short films. In Requiem 2019, the beautiful and stirring ... Read More »