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The Shins | The Rifle’s Spiral

The Shins | The Rifle's Spiral Music Video

Magic abounds in this wondrous Burton-esque music video. Created by Jamie Caliri for the Portland based group, The Shins, the video is for their latest track The Rifle’s Spiral and Caliri’s imagination was given a free reign to bring it to life. The otherworldly narrative is created through sublime stop-motion effects influenced visually, ... Read More »

Sony Xperia | Made of Imagination

Sony Xperia Made of Imagination Video Marketing

Sony have teamed up with director Wes Anderson to create Made of Imagination, this rather charming advert for their latest Xperia mobile phone. Rather than hitting you full in the face with all the techno-jargon that usually accompanies the launch of a new device, this advert does the complete opposite. ... Read More »

PES | Fresh Guacamole

PES Fresh Guacamole Animation

PES is a YouTube master of stop-motion productions, who I first ‘discovered’ through his work, Human Skateboard.  Later, his video Western Spaghetti blew my mind, and so I’m delighted that after 4 years PES has created Fresh Guacamole, a follow-up to the successful predecessor. Fresh Guacamole is a stop-motion cookery spot with a difference. Featuring ... Read More »

Josh Ritter | Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

Josh Ritter Love is Making Its Way Home Music Video

Check out this awesome music video for Josh Ritter’s Love Is Making Its Way Back Home. This video was created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, and just as impressive, has been untouched in post-production. Director : Erez Horovitz Concept : Sam Cohen + Erez Horovitz Illustrator : Sarah Graves Text ... Read More »

The Millennium Falcon. In Lego.

Lego Millenium Falcon Video

In all honesty, I’m staggered. This is a ridiculously awesome feat of perseverance, determination and sublime geekery and on behalf of the internets, we thank you. The master craftsman behind this production is Francisco Prieto, and whilst there is a multitude of similar (albeit live-action) videos of the special edition Millennium Falcon being constructed, Prieto has gone ... Read More »