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Natural Phenomena

Retina Burn has featured a number of stunning time-lapse videos over the last few months, and while many of them share similar vistas, you can never tire to be reminded of the sheer awe-inspiring beauty of the planet we live on. This production, Natural Phenomena, despite its name is actually a ... Read More »

Jump Man – 5 year time-lapse music video

Human time-lapse videos are nothing new, and while only a few exist due to the foresight and commitment required, they are pretty much the same. Enter Mike, and Jump Man. Mike, has done the whole routine, a picture a day for 5 years, a fast-forward representation of his life. However, with some extra planning, Mike’s photo ... Read More »

Open Horizon

Open Horizon Timelapse Online Video

Skating videos and time-lapse footage are natural partners in the world of video,  It’s a simple visual aid to convey the fast and frenetic lifestyle of the sport. What hasn’t been seen before however, is a complete blending of the time-lapse video and the real-time performance footage, which is why Open Horizons ... Read More »

Celestial Lights

Celestial Lights Timelapse Online Video

We’ve featured a number of videos here on Retina Burn that show off the beauty and majesty of the Earth, and all have been vivid reminders that sometimes the natural world provides a far more impressive display than any amount of CGI or digital effects ever could. This video is ... Read More »