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8-Bit Fight Club | CineFix

8-bit Fight Club

YouTube channel CineFix is on a mission to gamify some of your favourite Hollywood blockbusters, and this week, it’s Fincher’s Fight Club. The channel has had success with previous adaptations including Inception, A Clockwork Orange and The Big Lebowski. CineFix combine scenes from the chosen movie together with locations, sound effects ... Read More »

First Person Mario: Endgame

First Person Mario Endgame Animation

One year ago Brandon Laatsch, one half of the FreddieW channel, created this very cool First Person Mario film, effectively repurposing the beloved Mario franchise as a first-person shooter. This project was one of the first large-scale 3D projects Brandon had embarked on in some time, and back then took 60 hours to render. ... Read More »

Xilent Boss Wave

Xilent Boss Wave Music Video

Take a look at this wild music video for Boss Wave, the latest track from Electronica artist Eryk Kowalczyk (aka Xilent) It’s a video that will resonate with the geeks of the world who still adore the charm of retro video games and have felt the power flowing through them as the blast through ... Read More »

Goodnight, Sweet PakMan

Goodnight, Sweet PakMan

Retro gaming meets Tarantino in Goodnight, Sweet PakMan, a violent and beautifully realised animation by Chris Weller. Weller, a professional animator revealed his inspiration for the piece; For the last 2 years I have been putting this together in what little spare time I have between paid jobs and it is finally ... Read More »

Kickstarting VGHS Season 2

After months of speculation, it seems Video Game High School….too long, VGHS Season 2 may become a reality. Having rewritten the rulebook for independently-produced online entertainment, and a successful first season, the standout web mini-series from Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch is seeking funding to get production rolling on the follow-up season. Once ... Read More »