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The Miracle Machine | Water to Wine

The Miracle Machine

  The Miracle Machine, an innovative device that turns water in to wine in just three days has been revealed to be nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt. Perhaps due to the continuous innovation being facilitated by crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter, The Miracle Machine proves we’re becoming complacent in ... Read More »

Brent Butane | Bell Insurance

Brent Butane Bell Insurance

As companies attempt to create that elusive viral hit, many of them are inspired by previously successful formats, moulding certain traits and characteristics to their own brand. One viral that really stood out in the last couple of years was Dollar Shave Club, a simple premise but tightly executed. Since ... Read More »

Three “The Pony”

Three The Pony DancePonyDance viral video

Telecoms provider Three have scored a direct hit in the viral arena with The Pony, featuring Socks, a loveable Shetland Pony who moonwalks to the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere.  Created by MPC, Wieden+Kennedy and Dougal Wilson and centered around the strap line, Silly Stuff. It Matters, The Pony was orchestrated for viral fame. With ... Read More »

Create a viral video with Tube Rank

Tube Rank Viral Video Inspiration & Insight from VAN

Creating a viral video is an aspirational endeavour for many video marketers, and while there is no exact science behind it, there are of course ways to expedite the creative process. For some hints and tips from the veterans of viral video production you can check out our earlier article How to ... Read More »

How to make a video viral?

dollar shave club viral video

How to make a video viral is a short introduction to the world of viral marketing, and offers some insights from successful viral creators on how to achieve that elusive viral status. Making your video go viral is the holy grail for many online marketers and YouTube star wannabes, but it’s no easy feat ... Read More »