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PES | Black Gold

PES Black Gold Stop-Motion Video

PES is back again (at last) with an offering that, stylistically, is a departure from the playful vibrancy of his previous stop-motion videos. Not exactly branded content, Black Gold, was created to accompany the launch of Delfina Delettrez’s new jewellery line on retail site Yoox.com. Rather than a glamorous demonstration of all that ... Read More »

Reddit launches original series

Social bookmarking giant Reddit has launched their first original series on YouTube, based upon one of their popular threads, Explain like I’m Five. The thread is designed to boil down complex subjects so they’re understood by the layman. Based on this premise, and taking the title literally Reddit has created ... Read More »

Cowell & YouTube launch ‘The You Generation’

The You Generation Simon Cowell YouTube Show

Simon Cowell, the man who single-handedly popularised the tv talent gameshow, has continually expanded his platform since his show Pop Idol first launched on UK TV. With a slate of shows based on the successful format, Cowell has continually expanded his platform, portfolio and audience overseas and it seems only ... Read More »

YouTube Optimisation in 6 easy steps

YouTube Optimisation Logo

YouTube Optimisation & You YouTube Optimisation is where it’s at. While the war continues to be fought for the valuable resources of Google’s front page, many enlightened souls are turning to YouTube to promote, sell or entertain through online video. Getting your video on YouTube is the easy part, it’s ... Read More »

VGHS Season 2 begins production

VGHS Season 2 Production

With a weekend still remaining of the VGHS S2 Kickstarter campaign, the team have began production on the innovative web series, Video Game High School Season 2. However, Freddie Wong & Matthew Arnold are perfectly excused for this premature decision as the full production budget of $636,010 has already been reached and ... Read More »