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The benefits of video marketing for your business

While everyone was running around, overly concerned with their SEO performance and their position on the Google SERP – others were circumventing the whole process and ending up on top.

Those people were using video, smart cookies.


  • Video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google position by 53 times with proper page optimisation. While SEO is the buzzword constantly being tossed about in online marketing, what most people don’t realise is that with a well-placed video, you can beat those competitors who invest thousands in SEO to appear, not only on the front page of Google, but close to the top AND with a nice big eye-catching thumbnail. 


  • If your business sells products, or anything physical then this one is for you. Products that have accompanying videos are 95% more likely to be bought. This is of course providing your pricing is competitive, but if it’s between your product and a competitor who doesn’t have a video then once again with this small addition you could be driving substantially more sales. If you’re a service provider then worry not, we have you covered a little later.


  • Once a visitor reaches your website, video can add two minutes their stay – that’s a huge window of opportunity. This is because when viewers land on a website they ignore most, if not all of your beautiful copy, but stick a play button on your homepage and viewers will happily watch 2-minutes of information about your business that they won’t read.


So, the benefits sound great, but some of you may believe that your industry or profession is too ‘boring’, or traditional for such an engaging medium such as video. It’s a major misconception, but video marketing isn’t all viral videos, farce and comedy, if you’ve got a business then you have knowledge, expertise, quality resources and most importantly, you obviously have an interested market.

As a business owner, you also have a story. You may be, in your mind a simple accountant, but that means you have a desire to be different and the determination to create something for yourself. Audiences love stories about people, and it humanises the business. No longer are you just a faceless website, behind which anyone can be lurking, but you’re a real person that online shoppers can now feel safe entrusting their business to.

So, this was just a taster of what’s to come and the Retina Burn video marketing series will delve deeply in to individual benefits, objectives of video marketing for business, as well as tutorials and tips on how to effectively use this exciting medium.

To learn how to achieve a front-page ranking for your videos, take a look at the video marketing course, Video for Business.




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