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The LEGO Story

This beautiful, informative animation, entitled The LEGO Story, was produced to celebrate the 80th birthday of the LEGO business. The film, running to 17 minutes in length, takes the viewer on a journey through the company’s history, its trials and tribulations and eventually to the birth and continued success of its most popular creation, the LEGO brick.

Despite its long running time, the passionate sense of nostalgia, and childlike wonder, evoked by the film has retained a strong viewership and a fervent share-ability. Hopefully,this video will also be passed down the generations to children who enjoy the LEGO products today. The story epitomises, and champions, creative thinking, integrity and spirited entrepreneurship but within a frame of reference accessible to the younger audience; valuable lessons in todays society.

The LEGO Story is a wonderful addition to the world of branded online video, a gift that is made for the fans of LEGO both young and old and executed perfectly for its audience.

Let us know if you enjoyed this creation from the LEGO group, and if you feel particularly conversational, let us know your greatest memories of your days with LEGO (or were you a K’nex person?) in the comments below.

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