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The Surface Movement | Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface tablet is coming, in a bold and ostentatious display of colour and fanfare.

I’m afraid to say it, but if you cut me I bleed Apple. Home, work and leisure all revolve around my wondrous and shiny assemblage of Apple products to get me through the day, sorry, I’m that guy. However, While I admire Apple for their technical and aesthetic prowess, I’m always disappointed by their standardised and (as of late) discordant video marketing. Their foray in to comedy with the ‘Apple genius’ campaign fronted by Josh Rabinowitz was lacklustre and unfunny, and their celebrity tie-ins feel distinctly anti-brand. It is for this reason that a little while ago I featured the new advert for the Microsoft Surface tablet here, and praised it for it’s chilling coolness and differentiation from the Apple ads. It was simply refreshing.

Now Microsoft have released a new commercial for the Surface tablet, and once again, it comes as a breath of fresh air. Yes, I agree it’s a return to an ‘abstract spectacle’ that has little to do with the product or its capabilities, but quite honestly, I don’t care how the Surface performs in terms of sales, but I do care how it’s video marketing is attempting to position the brand in the great battle of the tablets. The resounding click of connecting the keyboard, or flipping out the stand is the springboard for a catchy background beat that initiates a beautifully choreographed routine between both humans and the technology. It’s a tight and wonderfully executed performance, no surprise as it was directed by Jon Chu, who called the shots on dance spectaculars Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D. 

It paints the tablet, and Microsoft by extension, as a fun, vibrant and seamlessly engineered *coughyeahright* product that exudes playfulness and joy. Whether or not the tablet will cause spontaneous outpourings of tightly-choreographed routines in public parks remains to be seen, but the bold and genuinely enjoyable video has helped the advert secure a viral footing and visible platform online. I actually do look forward to what comes next in the video marketing pipeline for the Microsoft Surface tablet, and only hope that it’s the start of a creative revolution for Microsoft’s video efforts.

What are your thoughts? Cleverly executed or woefully uninformative? Let us know in the comments below.

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