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Three “The Pony”

Telecoms provider Three have scored a direct hit in the viral arena with The Pony, featuring Socks, a loveable Shetland Pony who moonwalks to the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere. 

Created by MPC, Wieden+Kennedy and Dougal Wilson and centered around the strap line, Silly Stuff. It Matters, The Pony was orchestrated for viral fame. With viral masters W+K on board, The Pony has reached over 3 million views in little over a week, and has the forethought to tap in to other social media platforms with their accompanying hashtag, #danceponydance.

Utilising a blend of live action footage, with further CGI modelling, Socks the Shetland Pony was given the viral twinkle toes by MPC, VFX Creative Director Jake Mengers explains

“One of the biggest challenges was getting the movements to look totally realistic- difficult considering ponies never moonwalk! A digital double of the pony was created in CG, to allow us to cut between CG and real-life footage. This required very precise attention to detail to ensure the matches were seamless.”

The massive popularity of Three’s viral effort will ensure that Socks is likely to become one of the more recognisable viral ambassadors for 2013.

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