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True Detective Title Sequence

True Detective, alas overburdened with choice of quality TV drama as it is, I’m yet to to join the ranks of those watching HBO’s latest drama. However believe me, the appeal of McConaughey & Harrelson is such that it won’t be long before it becomes my evening fare, I just need to see how House of Cards plays out…

Regardless, not being a fan (yet) hasn’t stopped me being mesmerised by the artistic title sequence that opens True Detective – an elegant yet gritty melange of photo manipulation,  double exposure and projection created by Jennifer Sofio Hall at Elastic and directed by Patrick Clair at Antibody. The artistic intent was to expose the inner turmoils of the characters and also to demonstrate how they were ‘built’ by the locations that were important to them – a recurring theme in the show.

Have a watch of the sequence above and for more information from director Patrick Clair, have a read of his interview on Art of the Title.


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