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LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

LEGO Shell Greenpeace viral video

Greenpeace have subverted the innocent, playful nature of everyone’s favourite building blocks to raise awareness of the commercial relationship that resides between LEGO and Shell. Since 2012, 16m Shell-branded Lego sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 33 countries, making Shell a major contributor to Lego’s global sales ... Read More »

First Kiss

First Kiss Viral Video for Wren

First Kiss is a collaborative short film and promotional spot from amateur filmmaker Tatia PIlieva, and the clothing brand, Wren. The film that racked up over 10 million views in 24 hours beautifully captures that defining moment of a blossoming relationship, the first kiss… First Kiss pairs up twenty strangers, male and female, ... Read More »

HUVr | Hover Board Stunt

HUVr Hover Board Stunt

Back to the Future has excited the imagination of generations with its inspired vision of future tech, and it almost seemed that 2014 would be the year it all happened. This year Nike announced that automatic laces would be hitting shelves in 2015 and then, just two days ago, a ... Read More »

Volvo Trucks | The Epic Split

Volvo The Epic Split

  Volvo Trucks The Epic Split is the latest automotive stunt designed to showcase the stability and precision of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering.  You may remember that some time ago we featured one of their earlier stunts, Volvo Trucks Ballerina featuring World Champion Slackliner, Faith Dickey as she walked a tightrope between the two trucks. ... Read More »

Honda | Illusion

Honda Illusion Video

Honda are establishing a bit of a reputation for themselves with their impressive online videos that hinge on visual trickery – often with the aid of CGI such as their popular video Hands. Perhaps in light of this their latest production, Illusion, continues the theme albeit this time, keeping it ... Read More »