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Walk off the Earth “Red Hands”

The Indie-Folk band, Walk Off the Earth are giving viral maestros OK GO a run for their money when it comes to creating viral music videos. Establishing themselves in the online video world with their hugely successful cover of Gotye’s Somebody I used to know, the song was performed jointly by all 5 band members on a single guitar. Capitalising on the success of that particular video, the band have decided to ramp things up a bit with their latest video, Red Hands.

Red Hands…well, what is there to say…it’s performed on a bloody massive guitar. At first I thought this was a particularly creative idea from the band themselves, who take the time to create this instrument of gigantic proportions but as it transpires…

We found this MASSIVE guitar at a pawn shop….the rest is history!

So maybe it wasn’t a direct bolt of inspiration, but regardless, it’s highly entertaining to see a song performed so perfectly on such a comical instrument. Furthermore, the band are reaching out to fans and the internet community, asking for crowd-sourced creative adaptations of their song, Red Hands. What are you gonna do?

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