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What’s your idea? | FXhome HitFilm

The launch of this new trailer, What’s Your Idea? is a big deal for the team at Retina Burn, and should also be a big deal for online video culture as a whole. It announces the arrival of HitFilm 2, the specialist video editing and special effects software from FXhome. HitFilm has been built from the ground up, with the ambitious and talented young filmmakers in mind, who are starting out and honing their skills in the online video arena.

With a user base that can boast illustrious names such as Freddie WongCorridor Digital, HitFilm has also been used to create a number of special effects in mainstream Hollywood movies proving that not only is a great piece of software for the rookie user, but it has the capabilities to support a filmmaker through his early days right up in to the professional industry. With a price point that of a fraction of Adobe’s After Effects, but arguably packing more features, and more power and with a carefully nurtured online community, HitFilm should be the software of the modern day video producer.

Enough waxing lyrical about the software, the promotional video is a thing of beauty. Shot on RED, and with all effects and grading created within HitFilm itself, it’s a clear indication of the power of the software and beautifully resonates with its target audience, encouraging imagination, creativity and experimentation.For more information on its production, you can watch the making-of.

If you’re a video producer then be sure to download a trial version of HitFilm, and if the trailer has prompted you to try it or you’re a user already, then let us know what you think in the comments below.


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