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8-Bit Fight Club | CineFix

8-bit Fight Club

YouTube channel CineFix is on a mission to gamify some of your favourite Hollywood blockbusters, and this week, it’s Fincher’s Fight Club. The channel has had success with previous adaptations including Inception, A Clockwork Orange and The Big Lebowski. CineFix combine scenes from the chosen movie together with locations, sound effects ... Read More »

PES | Black Gold

PES Black Gold Stop-Motion Video

PES is back again (at last) with an offering that, stylistically, is a departure from the playful vibrancy of his previous stop-motion videos. Not exactly branded content, Black Gold, was created to accompany the launch of Delfina Delettrez’s new jewellery line on retail site Yoox.com. Rather than a glamorous demonstration of all that ... Read More »

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game

LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game

Brian Anderson’s debut YouTube production is nothing short of bed-wettingly awesome, LEGO Breaking Bad – the video game. It of course only a parody of a teaser, the cruelest of the cruel to us fans basically, but it remains an amazing piece of creative animation, with just the right references ... Read More »

Prop Wars

SneakyZebra Prop Wars

The guys from YouTube channel, SneakyZebra have published Prop Wars,  a fun pastiche of recognisable film and television weaponry that is bought to life in a real fight-to-the-death…in a quiet English back garden. Featuring excellent VFX work, the team have resurrected the Light Saber, Thor’s Hammer and Tolkien’s Ring among others.   Read More »