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Corridor Digital | Black Diamond

Corridor Digital Black Diamond YouTube Video

To my mind, Corridor Digital are the leading producers of online entertainment, and that’s not to belittle the efforts of their contemporaries, it’s just one man’s opinion.  Their productions are consistently high-quality but are imbued with a level of intelligent humour and originality that put them leagues ahead of others. The pair, Sam ... Read More »

iPad 3 Concept

iPad 3 concept viral video

In the build-up to the release of the iPhone 5 that never came, YouTube channel Aatma Studios created a highly stylised, fictional iPhone 5 concept video that went viral, and probably broke the hearts of many viewers in the wake of the 4S news. Now, with news and/or rumours of the iPad 3 rife, ... Read More »

Chuck Norris vs Super Mario Bros

Chuck Norris vs Super Mario YouTube Video

Daneboe, established YouTuber and creator of The Annoying Orange has thankfully been bringing his talents to more geeky, and less bloody irritating productions in the form of video game mashups. Previous videos include Mortal Kombat Vs. Donkey Kong, Contra Vs. Paperboy & Sonic Vs. PacMan – all awesome examples of video game pastiche and parody. ... Read More »

Epic Rap Battle: Mario Bros vs Wright Bros

Epic Rap Battle Mario Brothers Wright Brothers YouTube Video

It was only recently that Epic Rap Battles of History (or ERB from here on in) scored a viral hit with an excellent Hitler Vs Darth Vader stand-off that can be viewed here. A couple of weeks on, and ERB have another viral success on their hands. Featuring the huge popular cultural icons, ... Read More »

Tru Freedom

Tre Freedom Parkour Freerunning Video

Whilst dropping the ‘e’ from ‘True’ has been scientifically proven to aid in more epic video, this particular production is further endowed with awesomeness thanks to the amazing Red Epic camera. Free Running & Parkour are common sights on YouTube and within viral videos, however, Tru Freedom from YouTuber pwnisher approaches the ... Read More »