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The Walken Dead

The Walken Dead Viral Video

A very funny take on AMC’s post-apocalyptic Zombie drama, The Walking Dead where the dead rise again to harry the living and quote Christopher Walken lines. Produced by the comedy, short-film YouTube outfit, POYKPAC. Read More »

8-bit Scarface

8-bit Scarface Animation

Everything looks better in 8-bit, especially when it’s an 8-bit, foul-mouthed Pacino gunning down sprites in a twisted take on retro video games. With some excellent voice acting, and a little added humour this is a great homage to De Palma’s infamous mobster movie as it re-imagines key scenes and ... Read More »

Bricks of War – (Lego stop-motion)

Bricks of War Lego Stop Motion Short Film

Lego and stop-motion go hand in hand, and always with great results. This is a particularly epic and well constructed stop-motion animation along the lines of the Gears of War video game. Whether or not you’ve played GoW, you can appreciate the time and effort that’s gone in to the ... Read More »

Video shot on the iPhone 4s

Video shot on an iPhone 4s

Ok, so it’s not a hugely creative work of art, but it is one of the earliest, and best, examples of footage shot on Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 4s. Whether you’re interested in the phone or not, it’s fascinating to see the quality with which you can shoot video, ... Read More »