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Mike Diva | BFD Music Video

Mike Diva BFD

YouTuber Mike Diva has lent his impressive mind-melting editing talents to many of the big-time YouTube stars, but on his own channel you can be sure of consistent epilepsy-inducing VFX experiences. While Diva’s content pendulums between shorts, sketches and music videos it is the latter that really exemplifies his indefatigable skills in post-production. BFD, a hardcore ... Read More »

Just Dance 4 | Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling & Just Dance 4

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Retina Burn posted an article on how large companies can aid their viral endeavours by sponsoring a popular, and established YouTube creator. The poster-boy for the article Go viral using Social Video, was Ubisoft who supercharged their marketing efforts for Assassin’s Creed ... Read More »

Far Cry 3 in Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life sees YouTuber Devin Graham aka DevinSuperTramp collaborating with Games Studio Ubisoft for for the second time in as many months to produce an awesome homage to Ubisoft‘s upcoming title, Far Cry 3. Following Devin’s double-whammy of popular Assassin’s Creed parkour shorts,  Far Cry 3 In Real Life once ... Read More »

Neil’s Puppet Dreams

Neil's Puppet Dreams

Neil’s Puppet Dreams is one of the latest in a series of high-profile long-form video projects produced exclusively for YouTube and online broadcast. In the past YouTube, the primary video sharing platform, thrived on short, bite-sized clips as viewers simply grazed on the content, but now the video behemoth is riding ... Read More »

Overly Attached Computer – Samsung

overly attached computer

Overly Attached Computer is a fun, yet creepy commercial production from Samsung, who have tapped into memetic culture  and paired up with Laina Morris AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend to sell you their new Samsung SSD 840 solid state drive. On paper, it’s hard to see how such a pairing could ... Read More »