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A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

This video has made my day. Jeremiah McDonald, Filmmaker, comedian, actor and YouTuber (WeepingProphet) has created a touching, bittersweet but incredibly funny video by splicing together tapes he made as a 12-year old (I wish I had that foresight) and thereby conducting an interview with his future self (present day). This is an amazingly charming and fantastic idea, but the gravity of the concept really hits you when you see the two McDonalds in the split screen format, and the length of time this idea has gestated is visibly recognised. You also can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy that the little McDonald had no idea that he would eventually reach over 1 million people with his innocent Q&A.

It’s wonderful that this idea is unlikely to be ripped off anytime soon, though some videos have fictionalised the idea for the sake of comedy, FreddieW’s An Inconvenient Truth springs to mind. However, not even the great Freddie can compete with the authenticity of McDonalds production.

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