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The Sphere

The Sphere short film by Nicholas Militello

The Sphere, directed by Nicholas Militello is a massive achievement in the world of short-film production. Taking over two years to complete, shot on Canon DSLR kit and working with a budget of 13k, The Sphere is the result of massive collaboration with various artists around the world, adhering to the concise vision of ... Read More »


Skating videos are ten a penny in the world of online video; tricks, stunts, fails and GoPro perspectives have all been done to death, so it’s always refreshing when an artist expands upon the idea and turns the extreme sport in to a work of art. FIREFLY could well be ... Read More »

Just Dance 4 | Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling & Just Dance 4

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Retina Burn posted an article on how large companies can aid their viral endeavours by sponsoring a popular, and established YouTube creator. The poster-boy for the article Go viral using Social Video, was Ubisoft who supercharged their marketing efforts for Assassin’s Creed ... Read More »

What’s your idea? | FXhome HitFilm

FXhome HitFilm What's Your Idea?

The launch of this new trailer, What’s Your Idea? is a big deal for the team at Retina Burn, and should also be a big deal for online video culture as a whole. It announces the arrival of HitFilm 2, the specialist video editing and special effects software from FXhome. HitFilm has ... Read More »

Move On – The Full Movie

Move on

A T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) ident is perhaps the last thing you’d expect during the opening credits of Move On, a full-length feature film, but then again, Move On is not your average flick. Instead, this feature film is the end result of an ambitious undertaking by telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom to go beyond the short ... Read More »