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Landings at San Diego Int Airport

Landings at San Diego Int Airport

It’s not often we have the pleasure of featuring a purely experimental video, unattached to an agenda be it commercial or artistic, but Landings at San Diego Int Airport is so visually impressive and curiously different that we just had to. This short video was created by Cy Kuckenbaker, who was inspired by ... Read More »

Far Cry 3 in Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life sees YouTuber Devin Graham aka DevinSuperTramp collaborating with Games Studio Ubisoft for for the second time in as many months to produce an awesome homage to Ubisoft‘s upcoming title, Far Cry 3. Following Devin’s double-whammy of popular Assassin’s Creed parkour shorts,  Far Cry 3 In Real Life once ... Read More »

Nosaj Thing | Eclipse/Blue Music Video

Nosaj Thing

This stunning combination of live-performance, synchronised with real-time animation and projection mapping is a visual feast, perfectly suited to the haunting an ethereal melodies of Nosaj Thing. The video produced by Daito Manabe, takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO is part of a series of unique and wonderful artistic projects that have the backing and support of the ... Read More »

Musical Corner Shop | Red Stripe

Red Stripe Musical Shop Online Video

At Retina Burn, we simply love a clever, uplifting public stunt video. It’s one of those rare occasions where viewers can witness genuine happiness and joy as a result of a company’s marketing efforts. There’s perhaps no better brand for this type of video than Coca Cola and their global ... Read More »

Peter Parkour | Sony Entertainment

peter parkour online video

Peter Parkour is an awesome free-running showreel produced by Sony Entertainment to ramp up interest in the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Mark Webb’s 2012 The Amazing Spiderman. Reflecting the sensational parkour skills of Spiderman himself, the online video was produced in association with Parkour Generations, athlete Axel Dupre and  GoPRO. Styled in the ... Read More »