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TRON Dance

TRON Dance Video

This may not be a ‘creative video’ in the strictest sense, but it remains a video of an extremely creative process that can now be shared by the millions who couldn’t see it live. This live performance from Japan, recreates a sense of stop-motion animation, and uses visual trickery to suggest other ... Read More »

My Hair Song | Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link Hair Song YouTube Video

Rhett & Link, the sensational YouTube double act that provided us with comedic gems such as Chuck Testa & T-Shirt War have released a new music video that extolls the virtues of having hair that either goes up…or goes down. Yep. That’s it. As ever though, the highly ironic and entertaining ... Read More »

Introducing Google Play

Google Play Video Marketing

In spite of the sleek digital image of the company, Google do love to return to basic hand-crafted, or overly-engineered productions as part of their online video marketing. From miniature Rude Goldberg machines to stop-motion scrapbooks, Google infuse their videos with playful, real-world displays. This theme has been continued in their latest ... Read More »

Rebirth of Gaea

Rebirth of Gaea Amazing Photomanipulation

Rebirth of Gaea is a digital, time-lapse reconstruction of Jesse Michael Newman’s  “epic visual tapestry” project, dedicated to his daughter in support of her interest in the environment and Greek Mythology. The sheer talent of  Newman is startlingly evident as the final image effortlessly unfolds before your eyes, which only goes to show that his status ... Read More »

PES | Fresh Guacamole

PES Fresh Guacamole Animation

PES is a YouTube master of stop-motion productions, who I first ‘discovered’ through his work, Human Skateboard.  Later, his video Western Spaghetti blew my mind, and so I’m delighted that after 4 years PES has created Fresh Guacamole, a follow-up to the successful predecessor. Fresh Guacamole is a stop-motion cookery spot with a difference. Featuring ... Read More »