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Overly Attached Computer – Samsung

overly attached computer

Overly Attached Computer is a fun, yet creepy commercial production from Samsung, who have tapped into memetic culture  and paired up with Laina Morris AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend to sell you their new Samsung SSD 840 solid state drive. On paper, it’s hard to see how such a pairing could ... Read More »

2012 Coke Zero

coke zero all sports

Check out this super slick Coke Zero CGI production from Psyop, entitled All Sports. Specifically aimed at the sporting crowd, All Sports opens with the dominant presence of a giant Coke Zero can, dwarfing the skyscrapers and skyline of a city at night. The message could not be clearer as the ... Read More »

A Year in Full Colour – Moleskine

moleskine a year in full colour

Moleskine have released their promotional video for their new, colourful range of notebooks, and as ever, have done so in a beautifully creative and delightful manner. A Year in Full Colour, as the name suggest, documents the various uses of the Moleskine notebooks played out within a seamless stop-motion animation ... Read More »

BUYRAL – John St.


John St. the agency that tapped in to the digital and cultural zeitgeist with Catvertising has released another promotional video for spoof service, Buyral. Buyral mocks the corporate world’s blind infatuation with views and achieving viral status over quality leads and consumer engagement. It humorously takes the concept to the ... Read More »

Dragon Baby

dragon baby

We all know that babies are part of the fabric of the internet, just like cats. Removing either of these two elements and the internet will EXPLODE. However, while babies bring us much joy and laughter, it has to be said… if you’ve seen one baby, you’ve seen them all. ... Read More »