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Stanley Pickle

Stanley Pickle is the wonderfully sublime and eagerly anticipated graduation film from Vicky Mather.

The film itself was released on to the International Short Film circuit back in 2010, scooping up an unprecedented 33 awards, but has only just made it online for all to enjoy. Better late than never! Furthermore, the accolades and attention it received were by no means undeserved, in all honesty, Stanley Pickle is an absolute masterpiece. Yes that may sound slightly hyperbolical, but I assure you it’s not and if I can convince you to part with 11 of your earth minutes, then you might even agree with me.

At its core, Stanley Pickle follows a traditional fairytale narrative of confinement and eventual escape from a life of drudgery, however in Mather’s film, the structured life of Stanley is his own doing, having creating a life built upon clockwork, literally. However, what makes Stanley Pickle stand out is the almost unbelievable attention to detail and artistic style with which it is created. Eschewing a traditional live action or animated production, Stanley Pickle utilises a Pixilation effect, essentially using live actors and props combined with the stop-motion technique to create an astounding illusion.

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