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Nitro Circus “Motocross Casino Freestyle”

Nitro Circus Motorcross Casino

Those crazy guys from Nitro Circus have released a new high-octane video to show off their daredevil stunts. However, not content with dirt tracks and highways, the guys commandeered the Eureka Casino and Hotel and let rider Gavin Godfrey, race his pet dirt bike through the establishment. This particular promo ... Read More »

Huge Bear Surprises Crew | Samsung EcoBubble

Samsung Bear

This branded video from Samsung has completely made my day! I think of myself as pretty savvy when analysing video marketing efforts from brands, but I was honestly not prepared for the twist in this brilliantly executed production from Samsung. If you haven’t watched the video yet, then I implore ... Read More »

OPI Instinct of Color

Instinct of Color, you bloody beautiful thing you. I’ve never been a fan of make-up commercials, and why should I? They’re dull, uninspiring and more often than not, simply pretentious. With a tried and tested formula of celebrity + airbrush + extravagance = $$$, why should these companies bother taking risks with ... Read More »

Adobe BS Detector

Adobe have released, BS Detector, a humorous online video as part of their Metrics Not Myths series on their own branded channel, Adobe TV. While it isn’t a piece of overt video marketing, it supplements their raft of videos that are thematically linked around the importance of measurable ROI and ... Read More »