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The Millennium Falcon. In Lego.

In all honesty, I’m staggered. This is a ridiculously awesome feat of perseverance, determination and sublime geekery and on behalf of the internets, we thank you.

The master craftsman behind this production is Francisco Prieto, and whilst there is a multitude of similar (albeit live-action) videos of the special edition Millennium Falcon being constructed, Prieto has gone above and beyond by recreating the process in a digital form. As the description states, Prieto built and rendered each of the 5,344 Lego pieces in 3DS Max before even beginning the construction process. This has been a labour of love for over 3 years and thankfully, the patience has paid off. For some who already sits through a couple of hours rendering a day, I truly appreciate the effort that has gone in to this project, resulting in over 670 hours of render time.

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