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PSY Gentleman viral music video

Gentleman, PSY’s follow-up to his massive global hit Gangnam Style has landed, and two days in, it’s already proving a worthy successor to the colourful, equestrian mind-f*ck. With over 60 million views already, Gentleman is capitalising on Gangnam Style’s legacy, though this was always going to be the case. Personally, the song lacks the ... Read More »

How Animals Eat Their Food

how animals eat their food viral video

This awesome little homemade clip, How Animals Eat Their Food has totally won the internet. Racking up over 14 millions views in only 4 days, this has to be one of the most impressive viral releases ever in recent memory, simply based on its simple ingenuity and production values. YouTuber ... Read More »

Landings at San Diego Int Airport

Landings at San Diego Int Airport

It’s not often we have the pleasure of featuring a purely experimental video, unattached to an agenda be it commercial or artistic, but Landings at San Diego Int Airport is so visually impressive and curiously different that we just had to. This short video was created by Cy Kuckenbaker, who was inspired by ... Read More »

Socialnomics | Social Media Video 2013

Socialnomics 2013

Socialnomics, the most overused video in marketing presentations is back with its annual facelift and update for the year 2013. Now with its 4th iteration, the fact-heavy animation continues to impress and excite internet users. However, what I find most impressive is that the original animation (and by extension, the subsequent videos) are ... Read More »

BUYRAL – John St.


John St. the agency that tapped in to the digital and cultural zeitgeist with Catvertising has released another promotional video for spoof service, Buyral. Buyral mocks the corporate world’s blind infatuation with views and achieving viral status over quality leads and consumer engagement. It humorously takes the concept to the ... Read More »