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Volvo | The Ballerina Stunt

ballerina stunt

[If the video does not appear, you may be running AdBlock software] Volvo have produced The Ballerina Stunt, a death-defying feat that highlights the precision of the new range of Volvo trucks. The stunt, which is performed by World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey, sees Dickey battling wind & vibrations to ... Read More »

Mystery Guitar Man | Stop-Motion Excel

Mystery Guitar Man, everyone’s much-loved musical YouTuber has released his latest music video endeavour, a vibrant stop-motion animation created entirely using Microsoft Excel. The video claims it took 5 hours to produce, but that seems a little ambiguous once you watch through the ‘making of‘, and see the painstaking process that Mystery Guitar Man employed. Regardless, it’s ... Read More »

RoboCop “Omnicorp Product Line”

Futuristic commercials for fictional companies is apparently where it’s at this year for blockbuster viral campaigns. Prometheus set the bar high with their awesome Weyland Corporation TED Talk and the David 8 commercial, and now the marketing team behind the Robocop reboot have followed suit, creating a video realisation of Omnicorp, ... Read More »

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

This video has made my day. Jeremiah McDonald, Filmmaker, comedian, actor and YouTuber (WeepingProphet) has created a touching, bittersweet but incredibly funny video by splicing together tapes he made as a 12-year old (I wish I had that foresight) and thereby conducting an interview with his future self (present day). ... Read More »

Where The Hell Is Matt? 2012

Matt Harding should be a familiar name to many of you YouTube fanatics. Matt became a viral sensation in 2005 with his original, Where The Hell is Matt? that saw the industrious traveler dancing in various locations around the world, despite the simple concept, it attracted a huge amount of viewers ... Read More »