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From Love To Bingo | Getty Images

From Love To Bingo | Getty Images

  This amazing slideshow has been assembled from 873 still images to draw attention to the vast archive of stock photography within the digital vault of Getty Images. Speeding through at 15 images per second, the collection of disparate photos blur together to create a video that unfolds the life of a ... Read More »

Ultimate Batting Practice

Ultimate Batting Practice Viral Video

These ‘unbelievable skill’ videos always divide viewers. For many, they are very clever, fabricated pieces of video enjoyed for their seamless effects but for the majority, they feel they have to voice their disapproval of being ‘lied’ to. Certainly with the branded videos such as Beckham’s Pepsi ad and Federa’s William Tell style ... Read More »

Prometheus | Peter Weyland in TED Talk Video

Prometheus TED Talk Viral Video

Prometheus is easily one of my most anticipated films of 2012. Being a huge fan of the Alien franchise…well, maybe not Resurrection but certainly the the Alien Universe in general, I can’t wait for this quasi-prequel and a return to the dark, and haunting direction from Ridley Scott. The marketing machine is now ... Read More »