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William Shatner ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

William Shatner Bohemium Rhapsody Viral Video

William Shatner is viral gold these days, and he just keeps on going! To his credit, he’s one of the older generation who is probably more aware (and self-aware) about creating an online personality than those growing up with the technology today. His latest accomplishment is a cover album, that ... Read More »

DermaBlend – Go Beyond the Cover

DermaBlend Go Beyond the Cover Viral Video Marketing

  DermaBlend have released this clever online video, which also doubles as piece of social commentary, to sell their range of DermaBlend concealers. DermaBlend have resorted to the tried and tested method of marketing, which is to demonstrate the product working, and in the most extreme of situations. In this ... Read More »

Müller ad 2011 – wünderful stuff

Muller Yogurt Wunderful Stuff Video Marketing

Müller have released a zany (Is that word even legal nowadays?) new advert that turns our drab grey existence in to a world of colour, and with cameos from some of our favourite cartoon characters from yesteryear. The campaign, helmed by TBWALondon, plays on the idea of stirring something wonderful ... Read More »

Commercial Kings – Ojai Valley Taxidermy

Chuck Testa Ojay Valley Taxidermy Viral Video

It’s hard to know how to catergorise this particular video. It’s an advert…that’s gone viral, and created by YouTube stars Rhett & Link as part of their new TV show, Commercial Kings. Regardless, it’s such a perfect product of all those media formats and has to be shared. To fill ... Read More »