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Volvo | The Ballerina Stunt

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Volvo have produced The Ballerina Stunt, a death-defying feat that highlights the precision of the new range of Volvo trucks. The stunt, which is performed by World record-holding highliner Faith Dickey, sees Dickey battling wind & vibrations to walk a line stretched across the two trucks before they both disappear in to separate tunnels. The concept is a bold one, and the team have bought in an interesting mix of professionals to pull it off. Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero (James Bond, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Academy Award nominee, director Henry Alex Rubin are two such names behind the action.

Despite this slightly gltizy touch to the production, or perhaps because of it, the video isn’t going down too well with the YouTube community. I know well enough that YouTube comments are not the yardstick by which to measure a video marketing campaign, however on occasion, it can give a fascinating insight in to the initial reception of such a video. The results? They don’t like being lied to.
As one may suspect, this is more a dramatisation of a stunt, shot in a Hollywood style and therefore not a genuine, real-time feat. So whilst the concept is a neat one and Dickey, obviously very talented, it lacks sincerity and a genuine sense of peril and subsequently, achievement. The dramatic direction and execution has lessened the credibility of the video, rather than elevating it, and this has led to many commenters being dismissive about the efforts of Volvo.

“too many cuts… this is a film stunt”

I call BS.. show us the uncut footage of her jumping to the other truck followed by the rope breaking…

well, due to video editing and other stuff fails, its obvious that the stunt wasn’t in any REAL danger. … still awesome though.

So, lend us your voice to the discussion, tell us what you think about The Ballerina Stunt. An enthralling piece of branded drama, or just a corporate sham?

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