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Volvo Trucks | The Epic Split


Volvo Trucks The Epic Split is the latest automotive stunt designed to showcase the stability and precision of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering.  You may remember that some time ago we featured one of their earlier stunts, Volvo Trucks Ballerina featuring World Champion Slackliner, Faith Dickey as she walked a tightrope between the two trucks.  Since then Volvo have launched a number of these daredevil stunts, gradually refining them before concluding the series with The Epic Split starring action hero Jean Claude Van Damme, who is taking some time off from the cold mountains of Coors Light.

In the same vein as the previous stunts, The Epic Split takes a particular skill of their guest and pushes it to the extreme atop two moving Volvo trucks. Van Damme, infamous for his spry legs stretches between the two wing mirrors of the moving trucks to perform the splits, unlike previous productions however, The Epic Split is more serene and elegant,

“Compared with the previous Volvo Trucks’ films, which have a documentary style, we wanted to make something more poetic,” says Andreas Nilsson, the director behind ‘The Epic Split’. “The film is very clean and simple – there isn’t a lot of information and we just let the stunt illustrate what the trucks can do. It’s like a slow-moving, carefully choreographed modern dance.”


Shot in one single take, the film was rehearsed for three days prior to shooting in order to take advantage of  an integral 15-minute window when the morning light was just right. The end result is the harmonious and graceful production you see,

“When I saw the storyboard, I thought it looked amazing. It’s very majestic and very powerful.”  – Jean Claude Van Damme


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