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Where The Hell Is Matt? 2012

Matt Harding should be a familiar name to many of you YouTube fanatics.

Matt became a viral sensation in 2005 with his original, Where The Hell is Matt? that saw the industrious traveler dancing in various locations around the world, despite the simple concept, it attracted a huge amount of viewers thanks to Matt’s ‘interesting’ dancing skills and the exotic scenes that it captured. After the success of this format, Matt was approached by STRIDE Gum to create a branded version of his video, but it was in 2008 that Matt really evolved his format by inviting others to dance with him.

His latest production, Where The Hell Is Matt? 2012 is more of the same, but as ever, Matt has pushed the boundaries and created a tender reminder of the bond between all of humanity. His co-dancers have swelled in numbers as his popularity has grown and in this episode, Matt has managed to dance in North Korea, and include dancers in Syria (but must blur their faces for their safety) and by doing so has visually united the world with his loony idea.

Despite the variety of locations visited, the video comes full circle, and ends with Matt dancing with his young family at home in Washington, a beautifully poignant final chapter.



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